Brain Injury Causes Six Year Coma, Man Regains Abilities From Brain Stimulation

I’m sure you have seen the articles throughout the news lately about the man who has recently regained some abilities after being in a six-year coma-like state brought on by suffering from a severe brain injury. This is an incredible breakthrough in the area of brain injury. It was past thought that someone in a minimally conscious state for so many years was untreatable. Now, with these new findings, we know that the possibility looms of some recovery even after years of living in such a condition. It’s almost miraculous.

To stimulate activity, doctors implanted tiny electrodes into the man’s brain which attached to a pacemaker-like a device inside his chest. Within hours of the implantation, the man opened his eyes and tracked people moving throughout the room. Now, a year later, he has continued to progress. Reports state he can drink from a cup, comb his hair, and even speak in short sentences, all by himself.

Researchers do say that this type of treatment is not going to be for everyone, at least at the stage research is at the moment, because certain brain connections must have remained intact for the device to work. It’s necessary to assess a person’s brain to know if the treatment is viable. This, however, is none less a breakthrough of extraordinary proportion. It may mean a significant boost to the quality of life of many brain injury victims and their families.

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