California Cardiac Surgeon Faces Medical Malpractice Charges

A well-known cardiac surgeon has allegedly failed to remain in the operating room until the patient’s chest was properly closed during a 2012 cardiac surgery, he did not designate a physician to take over care when he left, and did not respond to the patients decline in health as a result of the surgery, according to a medical malpractice claim filed in the Superior Court of California for Fresno County in December of 2013.

The actual reasons behind the patient’s death went unknown for several months. It wasn’t until mid-October 2013, when the patient’s wife received an anonymous phone call from medical staff saying the surgeon was at fault. It was a shock to find out her husband had been treated to negligently and died in such a careless and avoidable manner.

The unknown caller severely condemned the surgeons care as the reason for death and claimed he left a surgical tech to close the gaping hole left from cardiac surgery. The patient suffered severe blood loss, cardiac arrest and was placed on life support.

The patient’s wife seeks damages for past and future medical bills, around the clock medical and personal care via nursing home, pain, suffering, mental anguish, limitations on future life activities, and damage to the marriage.

California Health and Human Services also received an anonymous tip about this case. They reviewed the case and found the surgeon did indeed leave the operating room without a competent surgeon in place to finish it.

Because of his negligence the patient is forever changed. The lives of his wife and family are forever changed. He was robbed of his life and marriage. The surgeon claims he was allowing the tech to practice and admits he should not have done so.

A small omission or mistake during cardiac surgery can leave huge, life-altering repercussions. If you or someone you love have experienced this type of medical malpractice call our offices immediately to find out how we can help.

Medical malpractice cases are expensive both financially and emotionally and all damages are equally important. The goal of taking these doctors and medical professionals to court for their mistakes is to leave the victim in the same shape as they were before the malpractice. While this can’t always be accomplished it can place the victim or his family somewhat closer than they were.

Going into a medical malpractice case without a lawyer you can trust is not advisable. Only an experienced medical malpractice lawyer can successfully navigate these types of cases. Ask questions of any lawyer you consider to make sure this isn’t the first time they have covered a medical malpractice case like yours. It’s important.

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