Common Causes of California Big Rig Accidents


Heavy shipping in and out of the bay gives San Francisco some of the heaviest trucking traffic in the state of California. This increased trucking traffic also increases the number of big rig accidents. Unfortunately, these types of accidents are commonplace in high trucking traffic areas like San Francisco. As commonplace as they can be, it’s a whole different story when you’re involved in one yourself.

There are five most common causes of big rig trucking accidents. Tired driving, aggressive driving, distracted driving, inexperienced drivers and failure to maintain vehicles are some of the most common reasons large trucks wreck.

Truck drivers are notorious for driving long hauls without the proper sleep. Trucking companies often slave drive their workers and demand they make these types of hauls but other drivers just take it upon themselves to employ these unsafe driving tactics. Perhaps they need the money or maybe some type of drug is involved. Whatever the reason, tired truck drivers cause accidents.

Federal trucking regulations are in place to prohibit this type of unsafe driving but it does till happen. The Hours of Service or HOS regulations require drivers to get the required amount of sleep to be safe on a long haul. Drivers may not drive more than 14 hours after a 10 hour break, according to these regulations. A driver also may not drive more than eight hours without taking at least a 30 minute break.

Aggressive truck drivers are a danger to everyone. These huge behemoths of the road can weigh over 80,000 pounds. Drivers of these mammoth vehicles are charged with their safety and the safety of those on the road alongside of them. So often drivers of these trucks forget their own power and drive too close to other cars, cut off traffic and speed, causing accidents with injury and even death.

Talking on the phone, testing, adjusting the radio or eating are all especially dangerous while driving a big rig. Large trucks have large blind spots and a distracted driver is more susceptible to fall victim to them. Distracted truck drivers rear end other drivers, run other vehicles off the road and cause detrimental accidents.

Inexperienced drivers are often an amalgam of all types of bad truck drivers. They do not know enough to realize the importance of all safety regulations and may feel its ok to disregard them. Some trucking companies may not provide adequate training to their new drivers before putting them on the road. Trucking companies are responsible for the training of their drivers.

Failure to maintain the vehicles also causes a huge crash ratio. Driving these large trucks with several blind spots is not easy. Keeping them on the road and in good condition is imperative.

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