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sacramento-car-accident-attorneyCalifornia freeways are notorious for becoming overcrowded at certain times. The state is simply not able to keep up with the ever-growing need for more and wider freeways. Some of our highways and freeways are more heavily trafficked by big rigs than others. It doesn’t help when unscrupulous shipping and trucking companies overload the trailers to cut expenditures. Add to those issues the tired and overworked drivers pushing their trucks to the limit to make their schedules on time and it is no wonder California freeways are one of the country’s leaders in commercial trucking accidents.

Federal regulations and California law dictate all big rig drivers to operate under strict safety measures. Negligent drivers who do not adhere to the safety regulations cause freeway accidents and should be held responsible. Contact Moseley Collins today to discuss your options in a California freeway big rig accident. More and more freeway pileups containing an amalgam of passage cars and commercial trucks of various sizes are reported each month. Making matters worse, big rigs often follow each other closely on the freeway and when one loses control vehicles behind it have less time to react to the danger.

Big Rig Freeway Accident Factors

Heavy shipping in and out of the bay gives San Francisco some of the heaviest trucking traffic in the state of California. This increased trucking traffic also increases the number of big rig accidents. Unfortunately, these types of accidents are commonplace in high trucking traffic areas like San Francisco. As commonplace as they can be, it’s a whole different story when you’re involved in one yourself.

There are five most common causes of big rig trucking accidents. Tired driving, aggressive driving, distracted driving, inexperienced drivers and failure to maintain vehicles are some of the most common reasons large trucks wreck.

Truck drivers are notorious for driving long hauls without the proper sleep. Trucking companies often slave drive their workers and demand they make these types of hauls but other drivers just take it upon themselves to employ these unsafe driving tactics. Perhaps they need the money or maybe some type of drug is involved. Whatever the reason, tired truck drivers cause accidents.

Lawyers are legal professionals who assist people in dealing with legal matters. There are several fields of law. Some lawyers specialize in personal injuries, while others take truck accident cases, for example. Of course, there is more than one reason for hiring a lawyer. Lawyers have the skill and ability to handle different types of cases. Due to lack of skills and ability, you may not be able to succeed with your case alone.

First off, it is better to have a cursory look at the causes of truck accidents. According to statistics, in many such cases, drivers were found negligent. For instance, if a driver is extremely tired, he or she may not be able to drive attentively, and causes an accident as a result. Some drivers are always in a hurry and want to get to the destination in a jiffy. They do not apply breaks to slow down the vehicle even on highly busy roads. As a result, they can cause a deadly accident. Unfortunately, if you have received an injury in a deadly auto accident, you should then get medical assistance right away and contact an experienced attorney. Take his or her advice to take next steps.

The outcome of an accident can be worse, if you crash into a truck at high speed. Obviously, trucks also run at fast speeds. As a result, your car will get badly damaged and you will receive serious injuries. In such a situation, big rig drivers may be considered guilty. So, you should brace yourself to file a compensation claim against the guilty driver who put your life at risk. After all, you have to protect your rights.

In a deposition, the big rig attorney has a number of questions to ask. He, for the most part, takes statements from each person in order to find out solid evidence. The court reporter studies the information in order to make certain all the questions and answers are correct. The duration of a deposition can take 2 to 4 hours. This depends on the person being interviewed. If that person has a lot to say, then the duration of the disposition may extend to several hours. In this article, we are going to talk about deposition and the best way to handle it in the court.

An attorney can help you prepare for the deposition. You may find it difficult to go through this type of situation because the nature of the incident is very serious. Without necessary preparation, you will find it even more difficult. Therefore, you should hire a good lawyer in order to make things easier. He will let you know the type of questions you will have to answer in the court. You can then respond to the questions easily. The lawyer will not be able to give you the exact words to say, but he may definitely spur on you to respond to the questions gracefully without getting furious or overexcited.

The defendant’s lawyer will sometimes be responsible for posing questions. You should give satisfactory answers to all the questions. If you fail to give gratifying answers, then the case can go against you. In some depositions, only the individuals involved in the accident are allowed, while others even allow friends or family members.

You can avail the services of a truck accident lawyer when you or your family members have received injuries due to the negligence of a truck driver. Trucks are undoubtedly bulky vehicles and drivers may make mistakes while driving at times. However, the driver is still responsible for the accident he or she caused. This is because the bulk of truck accidents occur due to the irresponsibility of drivers.

You may have seen these bulky vehicles carrying heavy loads and moving fast on roads. At times, they look scary. The size of the truck alone can contribute to many different problems, but when a negligent driver is driving this large vehicles, the chances of danger go up to a great extent.

On the back of each driver, you can find a text that reads “How are we doing?”. You can see a contact number next to that text. In case you find that, the truck driver is not driving properly or not following traffic rules, you can call that number in order to report to the police. Unfortunately, the bulk of people do not bother calling the respective authorizes. As a result, these types of negligent drivers keep on driving carelessly.

Most of truck accidents occur due to speeding on highways. People involved in the accidents sustain serious injuries. As you know, trucks are bulky vehicles. So, truck accidents are more dangerous and damaging. If you are your love one has been injured severely in a truck accident, then you should seek the services of an experienced truck accident attorney for legal assistance.

It is always best to initiate investigation in a truck accident, especially if the truck crash resulted in serious injuries to several people. You should get in touch with an expert investigator and send them to the place where the accident happened as soon as possible. The investigator will collect detailed information as to what happened. They should take photos of the incident place.

You should not take too long to collect evidence because the evidence will start to disappear with the passage of time. Normally, accident debris is cleaned off the road within a few minutes. In the same way, skid marks, tier impressions, and scuffmarks begin to disappear or fade way. Damages vehicles are sent to repair centers. Witnesses start to forget important information and facts as to the accident. Snow or rain can wipe away much important evidence. The important evidence will more likely disappear if you make unreasonable delays after an accident.

In our life, many disturbing events take place and road accidents are one of those events, especially accidents that involve trucks. In a truck accident, the vehicle gets damaged and the driver receives deadly injuries. The fact is that most of truck accident victims get confused and have no idea what they should do to handle the situation. If you have had a truck accident, you should get in touch with a truck accident attorney for assistance.

No one is jack-of-all-trade, so is the case with you. You cannot deal with the aftermath of an auto accident. If you have received injuries, you already have much to deal with. In such a situation, you should try to heal your injuries and get healthy again. Therefore, you should hire a good lawyer and leave the rest to them. Truck accident lawyers are experienced and have lots of knowledge to deal with such matters. The lawyer will take care of everything and deal with the insurance company to reach a settlement and recover compensation from the guilty party.

In order to avail opportunities and get legal representation, you should make certain the lawyer you have hired is responsible and reliable. In addition, the lawyer should have lots of experience handling auto accident lawsuits. After the accident, you have to deal with injuries and damages. Of course, this will involve spending a considerable amount of money. With the help of your lawyer, you should hold the guilty party responsible for causing the accident.

Accidents occur on a daily basis. Some accidents can be prevented while others cannot. Unfortunately, if you have faced a truck accident, you should ask around and turn to an experienced auto accident lawyer. Whenever an accident occurs involving a truck or any other kind of large vehicle, the driver as well as the vehicle gets damaged. In most of such cases, truck drivers strive to put the blame on the truck driver. The purpose of the driver is to avoid paying compensation to the truck driver. If you are suffering such a situation, you should get in touch with someone who knows what you should do in order to deal with the other driver. A truck accident lawyer is arguably the most suitable individual you can turn to in order to file a case against the negligent truck driver.

For most truck accident victims, a truck accident is a painful and shocking incident. The accident can contribute to severe injuries and problems. In many incidents, the injuries can last as long as the victim lives. So, hiring a qualified truck accident lawyer in inevitable. All you have to do is to talk to the attorney and explain everything to him. The lawyer will be most likely to take your case and get you the amount of compensation you deserve. In the first meeting with the lawyer, you have to explain to them what happened with you. Next, you have to discuss what happened and present the evidence you may have. For instance, you can present the police report to the lawyer. By studying the report, the lawyer can find out the cause of the accident.

The lawyer will explain why such accident happen due to the negligence of truck drivers. Sometimes, truck drivers fall asleep since they have had a few. In other cases, they are dead tired. At times, companies pay bonus to driver to make it to the desired destination early. Some negligent drivers do not take care of the maintenance of their vehicles. As a result, the vehicle causes accidents on the road and damages other vehicles too. So, based on the facts, the lawyer will assure you that you did not cause the accident.

Every year, more than 5000 people lose their lives and numerous receive injuries in truck accidents. Trucks are bulky vehicles weighing more than 8000 pounds. Trucks are used to carry heavy loads, such as tree trunks and construction material. At times, you can see a truck carrying dangerous material. For example, if a truck carrying flammable material collides with another vehicle, there can be a lot of life and property loss. If you have had faced a truck accident, you should claim compensation for the injuries you received. The compensation will also include property loss incurred.

There are a number of causes behind truck accidents. You may divide the causes into two major categories. One category involves accidents caused by automobiles and the other category involves accidents caused by trucks. When it comes to passenger vehicles, some drivers are oblivious to possible dangers posed by bulky trucks. For instance, trucks have wide blind spots and it can be dangerous to drive around those areas. Aside from this, trucks have huge mass, which makes it difficult for drivers to stop them. If a car driver bypasses a truck or applies breaks suddenly, it may lead to a rear-end collision.

Cross wind is another problem that can lead to an accident. When someone is driving a car next to a truck, the car may be blown off by the crosswind produced by the truck. This is another factor that can lead to a road accident.

The following blog entry is written to illustrate how a car accident lawsuit might follow. Reviewing this kind of case should help potential plaintiffs and clients better understand how parties in personal injury cases present such issues to the court.

(Please also note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the participants in this car accident lawsuit and its proceedings.)

INJURIES: Kelly claimed that the accident aggravated a pre-existing lumbar condition, that he had disc herniations worsened or caused by the impact and that he had been asymptomatic before the accident. He sought treatment with Lenny Herman, the director of spinal trauma at Cedars-Sinai Hospital and underwent lumbar laminectomies at the L2-3, L4-5 and L5-S1 levels two months after the accident. Kelly claimed that as a result of the accident and surgery, his back will never be the same and he can no longer engage in skiing, golf and the many activities he had previously enjoyed.


At 9 a.m. on Sept. 21, 2004, plaintiff Jason Kelly, a 52-year-old self-employed businessman, was driving his Porsche eastbound on the five-lane IHS in Sacramento, CA, when he was involved in a collision with ABC Supermarkets employee Red Merk and XYZ Towing Inc., employee Kent Cameron.

Claiming lower back injuries, Kelly sued ABC Supermarkets and XYZ Towing, Inc., for vicarious liability. In addition, Kelly named Cameron and Merk for motor vehicle negligence.

Cameron was driving his company’s tow truck, changing lanes from the far left and caused Merk to swerve from his lane into Kelly, who was in the middle lane.

Merk claimed that Cameron was driving erratically, that he signaled to move right from the far left lane, when he abruptly moved into Merk’s lane causing the accident. Merk had no time to stop or slow and swerved into the plaintiff’s vehicle. Cameron, 18, had only been driving for three months. He claimed that he had properly signaled and changed lanes when he observed Merk in his rearview mirror too close at approximately 75 mph and swerved into the plaintiff’s car.

Merk followed Cameron to the Haim Street off-ramp. He pulled him over and called the police.

For more information you are welcome to contact Sacramento personal injury lawyer, Moseley Collins.

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