Can Brain Injuries and Concussions Age the Brain

According to studies, brain injuries can affect the brain growth. This means a head injury can speed up the aging process of the brain. Studies also revealed that the early symptoms of the injury are enough to predict the consequences. Researchers have found that the injury may result in memory loss, slow movements, and difficulty in paying attention and so on. Not all patients suffer from these problems, but some do. So, you can see that concussions can have severe affect on the brain of a person. Immediate medical assistance is required in order to prevent further damage to the brain.

At times, post concussion symptoms appear months or years after the injury. Common symptoms may include attention deficits, irritability or impulsiveness, reduced frustration level, mood changes, temper outbursts, headaches and dizziness, and memory and learning problems. Depending upon severity, brain injuries can cause other problems, such as cognitive problems, lack of motivation, behavioral and emotional issues, difficulty solving problems, lack of judgment, to name a few.

If you had concussion in the past, you may find it difficult to remember names of places and people. In addition, you may find it difficult to choose the right words to express past events.

According to research studies, the brain with concussion seems older compared to the healthy brain. Test results show that the age of the brain of a person with concussion is biologically older than that of a healthy person, though both are of the same age. For example, both subjects were 60 years old but the age of the brain of the injured were more than that of the healthy person.

If you have a history of concussion, your brain may age earlier. In order to hamper the fast aging process of the brain, you should have exercises that can improve the performance of your brain, such as reading, exercising, and puzzles and so on. These games can keep the aging process of your mind low.

When it comes to concussion, football players are more prone to brain injuries and concussion in California. In each season, football players tend to receive 950 hits to the brain on average. Hockey players and other players who use their head to play a game are more likely to have a concussion.

The risk factors are high when it comes to concussions. Therefore, researchers are carrying out tests in order to figure out whether those with concussions or brain injuries are more likely to have Alzheimer’s disease in old age. Brain injury patients may also suffer from Dementia.

The crux of the matter is that one should do all what he can in order to avoid brain injury or concussion in California. This includes safety precautions, for example. In case you get a concussion, you should take immediate steps in order to recover as soon as possible. This means he or she should get in touch with an experienced doctor without making a delay.

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