Minor Head Trauma And Brain Injury Lawyers In California

Some people are of the opinion that light blows to the head are not dangerous. TV shows and movies, for the most part, show people fighting with one another, kicking and beating. They exchange blows to the head but get up as if anything has happened. Therefore, most people think that light hits to the head do not cause severe injuries to the brain. The reality is much different from what is shown in the movies. The fact is that even small and light blows to the head can contribute to severe injuries to the brain. In case of an injury, one should seek medical attention as soon as possible. One can even hire a brain injury lawyer in California.

Head trauma is one of the main causes of serious harm to the brain. TBI can take place even when you sustain minor damage. Some patients with TBI have to take costly therapies for several years.

A common misconception is that low impact brain trauma will just leave a person unconscious without causing any damage. Then after a while they get up and are absolutely fine. The fact is that you lose consciousness only when you sustain a concussion. If you remain unconscious for a long time, this means the injury to your head is severe. Moreover, the odds of your regaining consciousness and doing routine activities again are not high. Let us take an example of professional boxers. They can tolerate heavy blows that cannot be tolerated by the average person. After they receive a hit, they cannot do their routine activities as they can do before the hit.

Instead of going to a physician for complex, costly tests, such as MRIs or CT scans, you can use a few ways to determine the extent of damage occasioned by minor head trauma. There are some visual symptoms that can help you know that there is something wrong. They include pupil with non-equal dilation, slurred speech, and difficulty in maintaining balance, sleeping pattern changes, and mood swings.

These symptoms can point to serious problems, so you should get in touch with a medical doctor as soon as possible. If someone else has caused the injury, you can hire a brain injury lawyer in California.

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