Sexual Harassment Training in California — The Best Investment a Company Can Make

Companies have to invest in different types of projects in order to grow their customer base and make more revenue. Companies, nowadays, also make investments in order to prevent sexual harassment incidents in the workplace. In an organization, everyone should try to learn about harassment in order to help organizations prevent it. This is important because harassment is one of the factors that destroy peace in the workplace. Despite the preventive measures, such as training, employees still commit this evil and disturb other employees. Some employees even do not know what harassment is and therefore do not take steps to get rid of it. You need to keep in mind that you can file a case against a company in California if it does not try to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. The company should formulate a strict policy against this problem.

In the training against sexual harassment, the definition of sexual harassment should be clearly described. No employee should find any difficulty understanding any point regarding it. Some companies even create videos in order to spell out the harassment. The thing is that companies should do anything possible in order to make employees aware of this issue. There are several types of harassment. Apart from that, each employee should be given a form to sign that they have been given training. In this way, no employee can claim against you that you did not offer any training to them, so they could not understand and take steps to prevent these types of incidents in the workplace.

The training should also include introduction to quid pro quo sexual harassment. This involves the promise or rejection of employment benefits like hiring, performance review, promotion, termination, work assignments, workload and other work related negative and positive consequences.

Moreover, it should include the discussion about hostile harassment in the workplace. You should explain to your employees that harassment could make the workplace entirely unsuitable for them, so they should not commit it. Employees find it almost impossible to continue working in the environment since they feel fearful, belittled or demeaned. Even odd behavior can provoke an employee. As a result, they may cause trouble for other employees as well. This type of behavior may include jokes, pictures, touching, whistling and other sexual activities that are unwanted.

Lastly, you should warn the employees that harassment is illegal and you will not accept it at any cost. You should teach them what retaliation can result in bad consequences that may include permanent termination.

So, you should always make investments in order to prevent sexual harassment. This can save you millions of dollars in civil judgments and legal fees. Moreover, it can save the reputation of your company, which is more important than money. You need to make sure that employees understand your policy very well and are ready to help you with the preventive steps. Hope this will help you create a peaceful environment in your organization so that you and your employees can work peacefully without any problems.

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