Can Cat Bites Be More Risky than Dog Bites?

Animal bites are always frightening. Dog bites are always in the news and can be devastating. Other animals can be responsible for dangerous bites and one that is often overlooked is the cat.

According to mayo Clinic research, while dog bites are more prevalent and can cause more physical damage, cat bites cause more serious and damaging infections that can result in hospitalization and lifelong effects. The study also showed that two thirds of cat bite victims require surgery to remove all infection from the wound.

Dog bites differ from cat bites in a number of ways. Dog bites occur most often in children while cat bites most often happen to middle aged women.

The reason cat bites are more dangerous than dog bites is a simple one. Cats do not carry more disease or germs or viruses in their mouths. The answer lies is their teeth. Cats have very sharp, long, tapered fangs that can go very deeply into a person’s skin very quickly. Infection can set in immediately.

One factor that aids in the infection is the fear factor. People are much more afraid of dogs than cats. When a dog bite occurs people are more prone to rush themselves to the emergency room or seek a doctor’s care. Cat bites seem innocuous. People who receive them often treat them at home and do not seek medical attention until the infection has progressed too far.

The location of the cat bite also plays a part in the infection onset. Cat bites directly over the wrist, joint areas or near a gland are especially susceptible to infection and hospitalization.

Once a bite occurs the victim should immediately rinse the wound. The flow of blood is scary but essential to removing some of the toxins from the body. After thoroughly rinsing the wound it should be bandaged. Medical attention should be sought out and then legal representation.

If the cat owner is insured you will receive a call from the insurance company. Make sure not to agree to any terms or payments. Find out if the cat has had all of its vaccinations and is in good health. If possible, find out if the cat has bitten anyone else.

Cat bites can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in hospital bills and medical expenses. It changes the quality of life and inhibits normal life activities. There is reason to ask for damages and it is possible to receive them.

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