Car Accident Leaves Sacramento Co. Student With Brain Injury, Part 4 of 8


For months following the collision Plaintiff has complained of severe back pain. He has been seen by Christopher Molitor, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon recently for these complaints. On April 1, 2003, he diagnosed Plaintiff with chronic back pain.

Because Plaintiff continued to complain of severe back pain, an MRI was performed on May 1, 2003. The MRI showed the following:
1. Compression fracture of T-12.

2. End plate disc herniation at T-11 and T-12.

Plaintiff has been evaluated by Timothy Sells, M.A., Vocation Rehabilitation Counselor regarding her future earning potential. Due to his brain damage and chronic back pain, Mr. Sells concludes that Plaintiff will experience a significant loss of earnings in the future.A.R. Gutowsky, Ph.D. economist, has calculated the present value of Plaintiff’s wage loss. His report concludes the following:
If Plaintiff returns to full-time employment, a present value wage loss of $519,000.
If Plaintiff returns to part-time employment, a present value wage loss of $1,047,000.
It should be noted that Plaintiff has attempted to return to work and has tried six different jobs. He has not been successful in keeping any of these jobs due to both cognitive deficits and chronic back pain.


Plaintiff’s economic damages are listed below.

Medical Expenses:
Dr. Molitor $ 270.00
Sierra Gates of Sacramento $ 14,256.00
Dr. Angela Madsen $ 80.00
UC Davis Lien $ 215,097.45
Blue Shield Lien $ 357,128.90

Regarding Future Wage Loss:

Wage Loss if plaintiff gets full time employment (present value): $ 519,000.00
Wage Loss if plaintiff gets part time employment (present value): $1,047,000.00

(See Part 5 of 8.)

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