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A dentist from our Sacramento area had his licensed pulled while he faces charges of battery and sexual battery on some of his female patients. Twenty-seven women have come forth in this case, stating that the dentist, Dr. Mark Anderson, groped their breasts during their examinations. Dr. Anderson has stated that he was not groping his patients’ breasts, but rather massaging them as a treatment for temporomandibular joint disorder, a jaw condition more commonly known as TMJ. The defendant brought forth evidence that showed “palpating the pectoral muscles of the chest” is a standard of care for the treatment of TMJ. The judge rejected this evidence stating that the dentist’s conduct went far beyond just palpating the pectoral muscles and noted that sexual comments were often made during this so-called treatment.

California code 1708 states that “every person is bound, without contract, to abstain from injuring the person or property of another, or infringing upon any of his or her rights”. When someone intently offends or harms someone else by touching their intimate parts, they commit sexual battery. Any person who commits sexual battery is liable by law for the other person’s special damages, general damages, and punitive damages.

It is always sad when a professional uses his or her power and/or authority to manipulate or abuse the person they are supposed to be serving. If you have suffered from a sexual assault, please contact me at the Law Offices of Moseley Collins. You should not go through this alone and the assailant should be stopped before he/she hurts more people. We are here to listen and help.

I read an interesting story today in the news. A spin class at a posh health club ended with an assault and serious back injury. Apparently, a Wall Street stock broker, Christopher Carter, snapped during the cycling class and attacked another cyclist, Stuart Sugarman.

According to the allegations, Stuart, continued letting out hoots and grunts during the exercise even after Christopher asked him to stop. The Wall Street broker eventually snapped, picking up both Stuart and his bike and throwing them against the wall (seems like the class is working for him). Stuart ended up in the hospital, suffering from a herniated disc and requiring surgery.

Although this situation seems a bit humorous, there are serious consequences that come from someone acting out in anger at another person. It may not always be “spin rage”, as Stuart’s lawyer is calling Christopher’s actions, but it may be a rage that puts someone else’s life at risk.

I read an article in the news today about a Wendy’s employee suing the company in a personal injury suit. As a Personal Injury Attorney in Sacramento, I think it is always interesting to learn about cases going on throughout the United States, especially if they are not your typical story.

The article states that the woman, Janet Brandon, was attacked and injured in the Wendy’s parking lot as she tried to take the morning deposit to the bank. Janet was an assistant manager and it was her responsibility to take the morning deposit to the bank. Unfortunately for her, Wendy’s had apparently not created any secure guidelines in how to do so. To protect herself, Janet placed the money in a Wendy’s sack to disguise it and planned to give the bag to a co-worker who, in turn, would pass it to her as she came to the drive-thru window.

As she left to get in her car, however, Janet was hit in the head and knocked unconscious. She lay there for 30 minutes, until workers at the Exxon next door saw her on the ground.

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