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This is the age of the Internet. Every year, millions of new users connect to the Internet through PCs, laptops and smartphones. The number of websites grows double each year. Facebook is one of the main social media sites on the Internet. This website has more than 500 million members from all over the world. Now, let us get to the point. We are going to explain how social media sites can play a role in sexual harassment. Read on to find out more.

Employers, for the most part, train their workers and employers to enable them to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. So, they educate employees about what type of behaviors come under the umbrella of harassment. Social networking should also be included in the list of places where such incidents can happen. This is because most employees are friends on Facebook and communicate with one another on the same site. As time goes by, such incidents are increasing on these sites.

When a worker or employee makes use of a social media website, they may feel that they are communicating through a private channel. Though the work of Internet is somewhat different from our physical work, yet the messages posted on these sites are shared with hundreds and thousands of users. For example, when an employee makes a sexual comment about his colleague on Facebook, hundreds if not thousands of other workers may see this comment because a shared comment can be seen by all the friends on the list of the sharer. So, the message can cause embarrassment to the person about whom the comment is made.

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