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TBI is short for traumatic brain injury and it can cause hearing problems. The reason is that the inner ear has a direct connection to the central nervous system. Hearing loss and ringing in the ears (tinnitus) are two most common side effects of the traumatic brain injury. However, there are other problems that may cause when a person suffers from brain injuries. For example, hyperacusis in which the patient finds normal sounds very loud. Moreover, the patient may find it difficult to differ background sounds from other sounds. Another hearing problem is known as auditory agnosia where the patient fails to recognize certain sounds.

After a traumatic brain injury, hearing problems may occur due to a number of reasons. There are two types of hearing problems namely neurological and mechanical. These problems occur especially when the temporal lobes and/or the inner ear receives damages. External bleeding in the canal of the ear, middle ear damage or temporal lobe damage may result in auditory dysfunction. Serious hearing problems may occur if the brain injury is of serious nature.

Children who are suffering from traumatic brain injury may face other problems associated with a communication area, such as obtaining new information, task completion, spatial orientation, social conversation and impulse control. According to research studies, kids, for the most part, face these additional problems.

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