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The woman who struck and killed a 15-year-old cheerleader on Folsom-Auburn Boulevard in Granite Bay last June was recently found guilty of vehicular manslaughter.

The 15-year-old girl was a cheerleader from Granite Bay, CA, a suburb of Sacramento. On the day of the accident, she and several of her friends were walking from a fast food restaurant when she remembered that she had left her phone at the restaurant. As she was crossing the street to return, she was struck by 52-year-old Anna Berset, who then fled the scene. Parker was found by her friend, lying on the side of the road.

According to Sacto 9-1-1, Berset called California Highway Patrol the night of the incident:

A Sacramento youth pleaded guilty last week to gross vehicular manslaughter and other charges regarding a hit and run collision he caused in October, 2008.

Aman Kumar Khanna, beloved husband and father of three, was struck by the teenager on October 10, 2008, and killed. The teen was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Khanna was a hardworking family man who worked two jobs to provide for his wife, children, and mother. Recently a fund has been set up in Khanna’s honor to provide for his family. Contributions can be sent to the Aman Kumar Khanna Memorial Fund at the Golden One Credit Union, Post Office Box 15249, Sacramento, CA 95851-0249.

Don’t let your pessimistic friends fool you! There are still good people out there. Case in point: Dava Tennet. On the afternoon of February 4, 2008, in Folsom, CA, a suburb outside Sacramento, Tennet pulled an injured man out of his burning car and then called for police assistance.

“I saw the car crash and couldn’t believe it,” Tennant, 29, said. “It was like auto-pilot – I hopped out of the car to make sure everybody was OK.”

Joy Snider had been waiting on a red light at the intersection of Russi Road and Blue Ravine when she was struck from behind by Douglas Burns, who, allegedly, was driving drunk. Burns’ sports car became wedged underneath Snider’s truck and caught fire. Tennet, a witness to the accident, rushed over and pulled Burns from his vehicle. In her interview with the Folsom Telegraph, Tennet described Burns as resistant at first to her attempts to pull him from his vehicle but eventually gave in as he had little control over his body.

A woman from the Sacramento area, in Folsom, California, was charged on Friday with a hit-and-run accident. The accident killed a 15-year old Granite Bay High School student, Courtney Parker. She and friend were walking along Auburn-Folsom Road one night when the accident occurred. Courtney was hit by the Rav4 while on the road’s right shoulder as the vehicle continued on the road without stopping. Courtney was sadly passed away, as she was taken off of life-support two days later.

The day after the accident, a woman called the police to say that she believes she may have hit a deer or another object while driving on the road that night. An investigation tied the 50-year old woman to the hit-and-run accident and subsequent death.

Please be careful to be safe while walking on the roads. To all drivers, be careful and aware! Accidents often occur when we do not expect for something or someone to be there. If you or someone you love has been injured in a hit-and-run accident, please contact me at the Law Offices of Moseley Collins. We are here to listen and help you in your time of need.

There is a big controversy going on south of our Sacramento home in Escondido, along with cases being brought against Los Angeles and several other Southern California counties for similar reasons. People are opposing a new system that has increased checkpoints throughout the city of Escondido. Police have two to five checkpoints up once a month to check for drunk drivers and people driving without a license. The police chief of Escondido, Jim Maher, says that this system is to reduce the amount of hit-and-run car accidents.

Hit-and-run car accidents can be a dreadful situation to be in, especially if the person injured does not carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. People who are drunk or do not have a license are more likely to run after a car crash, fearing jail and loss of their car.

The new checkpoint system has actually proved to lower hit-and-run accidents since begun. In the first half of 2007 there were 281 hit-and-run accidents, compared to 370 during the first half of 2006 — a 24% drop in hit-and-run accidents in one year.

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