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Actors Danny DeVito, Tony Danza and Marilu Henner made riding in a cab look hilarious in the popular 1980s sit-com, Taxi. In real life, taking a jaunt in a taxi isn’t always a fun ride.

As a paralegal for a Sacramento personal injury attorney, we have assisted a number of clients who were severely injured in a taxi trauma. Keep in mind that if you are ever injured in a car crash as a taxicab passenger, you may have a personal injury claim.

In order to protect yourself while riding in a taxi, SFSAFE, a leading crime prevention education organization in San Francisco, suggests you take the following safety precautions.

A female postal worker was bitten by a Visalia, CA, woman’s pit bull last Wednesday afternoon. The pit bull was one of the woman and her family’s three dogs. According to the Visalia Times, the postal worker was walking by the family’s home when the seventy-pound dog, called Corduroy, pushed open the backyard gate and ran toward her. Corduroy managed to nip the postal worker’s leg before the owner’s daughter pulled him away and took him inside.

The postal worker, who denied to give her name, notified the SPCA and they went to the home later that day to pick up the dog.

Suzanne Longoria, Corduroy’s owner, claims the five year old is a “good natured dog” and says she allows him to play with her 8 month old grandson.

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