Cyclist Who Suffers from Brain Injury Competes in First Race

Brain injuries can be devastating because of the sudden and lasting effects it has on one’s life. In many cases, the victim will lose the ability to perform as they once could, to the extent of falling into a vegetative state or even death. As a Personal Injury Attorney in Sacramento, California, I have seen the difficulty that people face when coping with a brain injury after an accident. Although these situations often seem bleak, there is always hope.

I read an article today about a man named Saul Raisin. Saul, a world-class bicyclist, was injured when he was preparing to compete in a bicycling competition in Italy. The young 24-year old’s life was suddenly turned upside down. Falling off of his bike, Saul suffered a traumatic brain injury and fell into a coma within a day. Waking from his coma, Saul found himself paralyzed on the left side of his body and was told he would never walk again. As for his dream of cycling, that was completely out of the question.

Incredibly, about a year and a half later, Saul finds himself not only walking, but back in cycling competition. This month, he even completed his first race since the accident, and although he came in last place, he sees himself as a winner.

There is often hope after suffering from a severe accident that cause a brain injury. Even a brain injury as traumatic as Saul’s (he couldn’t even realize he was suffering from a brain injury until two months after the accident), can take steps towards a somewhat normal life.

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