Device Detects Brain Injury Immediately After Accident

At our Personal Injury Law Firm in Sacramento, California, our clients that have suffered from brain injuries can testify to the “invisible disability” that affects their lives. A brain injury has been often termed as an “invisible disability” because it is usually not openly obvious that the victim is suffering. This invisible quality also makes it hard to immediately detect a less serious brain injury in an individual. As I have discussed before, brain injuries can often times go unnoticed at the time of the accident, causing more serious results to occur because of lack of treatment. Therefore, I can not stress this enough, it’s of primal importance to seek medical assistance for a victim of brain injury. It may save one’s life.

A new hand-held device has recently come out, however, that is supposed to be able to detect even minor brain injury after an accident. The device is called BrainScope and translates brain electrical activity (called EEG tracings) onto a graph into quantitative numbers (QEEGs). These QEEGs are then compared to a database of about 20,000 patients and can point out any deviations from the norm of this group.

BrainScope, which is roughly the size of an IPod, is supposed to be able to detect any deviations within minutes and, using a color display, indicates if the injured person’s brain functions are normal.

This is a great step in immediately discovering a brain injury and getting medical help as soon as possible. This device, being small and transportable, can be used at sporting events, on the battlefield, and at emergency clinics, just to name a few.

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