Different Types of Acquired Brain Injuries

Basically, acquired injuries are of two types. In other words, experts have divided the acquire injuries into two categories. One category has been titled as traumatic head injuries, while the other category has been titled as non-traumatic head injuries. Let us throw some light on each of the categories to find out more.

Acquired Brain Injuries

Another term used for acquired brain injuries is ABI. This type of head injury occurs due to an inappropriate delivery. This type of injury cannot occur due to neurodegenerative disorders. Instead, the events that can cause an injury to the head include accidents, or a carelessly performed neurosurgery. Apart from these, medical conditions like brain tumors may also contribute to an injury to the brain.

As mentioned earlier, head injuries have been broken down into two categories namely traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries. Both traumatic and non-traumatic injuries can sometimes be extremely dangerous. As a result, the patient can lose his or her life. So, necessary steps should be taken in order to treat the injury as soon as possible.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

These kinds of injuries, for the most part, occur due to a hard blow to the head. A hard blow can cause bleeding in the head. As a result, the victim can lose consciousness and should be given immediate medical assistance. In some cases, the skull of the head can get bruises.

Unluckily, traumatic head injury can be caused by many different sorts of accidents. According to doctors, a hard hit to the skull with a heavy object can cause an injury. In case of a fall from a high place, the patient can receive injuries. A fall from the ladder or motorbike can also cause an injury. Car accidents often end up giving a person a brain injury. Workplace accidents can also give brain injuries. Slip and fall accidents also leave people with head injuries.

Non Traumatic Brain Injuries

This kind of injury happens due to intervention through an internal or external source. And that source could be related to brain tumors, infection, alcohol, poison or other infectious diseases or possible medical conditions. Aside from this, these kinds of injuries, for the most part, are related to the kinds of injuries that occur due to an injury or accident. In other words, non-traumatic injuries to the head occur as a result of an infectious disease or a medical condition. Again, if you have this type of injury, you should contact a doctor as soon as you can in order to prevent a serious condition.

Effects of acquired brain injuries

No matter which type of brain injury one receives, its effects are deadly. At times, the victims’ mental and physical conditions are affected. However, it is important to note that each patient of the head injury goes through different types of issues. The injury can make a lifestyle change in the patient. To make a long story short, brain injuries can prove deadly. Therefore, the first step a patient should take is to seek medical assistance. Furthermore, the patient should contact a brain injury lawyer in order to file a case if the injury has been caused by another party.

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