Preventing Personal Injury in the Workplace

Personal injury claims are rising day by day. They cause a lot of stress to the injured employees as well as organizations. The related procedures are complicated and waste plenty of time and money. Aside from this, they ruin the reputation of a company. As employers, it is your responsibility to take necessary steps in order to prevent injuries in the workplace. In this article, we have come up with a few tips that can help you prevent injuries in the workplace. You can follow these tips. Read on to find out more.

First off, you should follow the Health and Safety at Work Regulations Act. Companies should carry out risk assessment test so as to make sure the workplace is safe and suitable for employees as well as visitors. This means they should examine the workplace, equipment and the place where accidents are likely to happen. They should also consider the potential risk that can harm the employees, for example, uneven floors, trailing cables or faulty equipment. After risk assessment, the employer should share the discoveries with their employees so as to implement proper safety procedures. So, these are first few most important things that you, as employers, should follow if you are serious about making your workplace a safe and sound place for employees.

Ask your employees to fill in an accident notebook on a regular basis. This will help you in case a personal injury claim is filed against you. You can then show the accident book to the judge in order to prove that you took steps in order to prevent injuries in the workplace. It is important that the accident books should stay updated with safety advice. Slip and falls are some of the most common accidents that occur in the workplace, so it is important for you to have good housekeeping. You should also make sure that the workers do not develop the habit of throwing things anywhere in the workplace. Apart from this, you should make certain that spills are cleaned up as soon as possible after they have occurred.

Make certain walkways, stairways and corridors are neat and clean. Often, trips occur in these places, especially when they are not clean. Moreover, equipment rooms, stationary cupboards should also stay neat and clean. There should be lighting arrangements in the walkways as well as corridors. Accidents are more likely to happen in the dim light.

It is also recommended to let your employees be aware of health and safety rules. You should give them training. These steps can surely make your workplace safer and more suitable for employees and visitors. If there is a dangerous place in the workplace, then you should give extensive training to your employees in order to ensure their safety.

Many large companies hire a safety inspector in order to make sure the rules and regulations are followed. Their responsibility is to make sure everyone in the company follows the Health and Safety at Work Regulations Act. Hope this post helps.

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