Do You Need a Sexual Harassment Attorney?

As an employee, you may have been given information about your organization’s policies against sexual harassment. However, if you have to deal with such a situation, you will find yourself alone. You will not be able to have an idea of what you should do. You will not even be sure about whether you really have a sexual harassment case. At this point, it is best for you to get in touch with a good lawyer.

You are most likely having a case if you are being harassment by another employee in the same organization. In order to file a case, you should contact a lawyer. However, there is no standard definition to know if you can file a claim or not. The court decides whether your claim is right or wrong. Other places where these types of incidents take place include schools, colleges, and stores and so on.

Actions that are included in harassment include improper touching, sexual advances, and sexual requests. At times, a manager can force an employee for sexual relationship in exchange of a pay raise or promotion. Aside from this, sexual photos, sexual jokes and repeated request of sexual nature are all come under the same category.

If you gather that you are being harassment by someone in the workplace, your first step should be to inform the human resource department of your company. This depart is responsible for investigating and taking proper actions against the responsible person. If they take action, you can then hire a lawyer in order to file a case against the company and the sexual harasser.

In other words, if you have informed your employer of the situation and they took no action, you can sue your employer as well. All companies are responsible to take actions against employees who try to harass another employee in the workplace. So, they take immediate action in case someone does something wrong in the workplace.

The investigation should be completed within a few days of their launch. However, complainants are given enough time in order to muster up courage to make a complaint. The company cannot just demote the accused in order to resolve the problem. Neither can it demote the victim. However, it is possible to transfer, fire, or terminate the accused.

In case you successfully win your case, you may be given lost wages, future lost wages, punitive damages and compensation to cover emotional distress.

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