Ways of Ensuring That Medical Malpractice Does Not Occur

When you go to the hospital, you usually expect to be treated and then go home better than you went their but at times, it is not the case. Depending on the hospital that you go to, there are things that will not be done as you expected. However painful it is, we should accept the fact that not all medical malpractice occurs as a result of negligence. As a doctor, here are several things that you should do to avoid any form malpractice.

First, go to work when you are sober. Soberness does not only mean that you should go to work when you are not drunk but it also means that you go to work when you are fresh. If you for example worked for long hours the previous day, make sure that you have someone to replace you so that you may rest. Medical malpractice may occur as a result of tiredness. Ensure that you are strong enough to handle the day’s activities. Your mind has to be sober too.

Secondly, make sure that you have the correct data before you do anything. This is very important because doctors and nurses change shifts. If you for instance were in the morning shift, make sure that you take or give the correct data to the person you are exchanging with. There have been cases of doctors injecting patients with the wrong solutions and also nurses taking infants form the incubators before their time is due. If you get to understand the type of disease that one has, you will be able to help that patient to get better.

Thirdly, ensure that you are prepared for what is ahead of you. If you are a surgeon, make sure that you know the things that you will need for that operation and make sure that the nurse in charge has them. Inspect to see of they are all there to avoid inconveniences in the theater. Doctors should also make sure that when they go for their rounds, they know how they are going to conduct their rounds. For the doctors who attend to the out patients, make sure that you take care of the cases that seem to be serious first. When you do this, no medical malpractice will occur.

Lastly, be accurate. If you have been in the medical field for a long time, you get used to doing your things and so it is expected that no medical malpractice will take place if you are in charge. If you are from medical school, you still have in mind what you were taught so use the skills that you have to make patients get better. Do things as they are supposed to be done and do not try to practice something new using the patient as an experiment.

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