Food Allergies Cause Personal Injury Suit Against McDonald’s

A food allergy can be a difficult and tiresome battle to deal with. Parents with children of food allergies, especially more-encompassing allergies such as gluten, know the caution needed to be taken each time their child is given something new to eat. Frank and Beth Miller are parents of not one, but two children with food allergies. Their oldest son, Mekenzie (7-years old), has celiac disease, making him allergic to gluten and wheat. Their 4-year old, Macauley, is autistic. Milk, gluten, and wheat worsen his behavior problems.

The Millers went to McDonald’s one day and after thoroughly inspecting the ingredients, allowed their sons to have French fries. Later that day, the boys experienced emotional distress and physical illness. It turned out that the French fries included both casein and wheat, even though they were not listed on the ingredients section. There is now a Personal Injury suit being brought against McDonald’s for the two boys. Along with this case, there are 16 Personal Injury cases in Florida and one federal class action suit against McDonald’s.

Any company or organization dealing with the sale or production of food products have the responsibility to provide food that will not cause illness or death. When they fail in this area, they are putting themselves in the position to pay for any injured person’s damages. If you or a loved one have ever been injured by negligence or intentional misconduct by a food manufacturer or company, please give me a call at the Law Office of Moseley Collins. I will be able to discuss your available options and next steps.

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