Most and Least Likely Professions to be Involved in a Car Accident

I was looking through the internet today and I found quite the interesting article. I don’t know just how much help it will give to you, but think of it as an ice-breaker to be used at the next awkward situation you face. Take, for example, that you discover that the person standing next to you (in such awkward situation) works at Camel Cigarettes. “Oh, so you’re a tobacconist?”, you would say, “Well, do you know that you are in the second-most likely profession to be involved in a car crash?” Ice-breaker success!

Take at the research supplied by on what professions are the most likely/least likely to be involved in a car crash…

Most likely are:

1. Lifeguard – 13.79 per cent
2. Tobacconist – 13.64 per cent
3. Doctor/ GP – 12.96 per cent
4. Surgeon 12.76 per cent
5. Systems Analyst 12.59 per cent
6. Psychiatrist 12.55 per cent
7. Gynecologist 12.5 per cent
8. Insurance Inspector 12.44 per cent
9. Psychologist 12.33 per cent
10. Meteorologist 12.26 per cent

Least likely are:

1. Astrologer 1.75 per cent
2. Watchmaker 2.05 per cent
3. Driving examiner 2.63 per cent
4. Chimney sweep 2.67 per cent
5. Boiler man 3.21 per cent
6. Actor 3.33 per cent
7. Mobile hairdresser 3.4 per cent
8. Driving instructor 3.49 per cent
9. Promoter 3.6 per cent
10. Gravedigger 3.83 per cent

Take care and to all the lifeguards out there… wear your seatbelt.


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