Hospital Mistakes Causing Serious Injuries Near Sacramento, CA

I read an article today about a woman not far from our Sacramento home in Modesto, CA who underwent a triple bypass surgery. Not to make the paining surgery any easier, upon waking, the woman discovered a serious accident; the surgeon had conducted the operation using a different patient’s angiogram films!

Startling, shocking and unusual? Startling and shocking, yes, especially to the nature of the surgery. But unusual may not be the appropriate word to use. Hospital mistakes in Sacramento and California are actually more common than you think. As the article states:

“The Institute for Healthcare Improvement, which has done leading research on medical mistakes, estimates up to 98,000 people a year die from medical errors that occur in hospitals, more than the annual deaths from auto accidents, breast cancer or AIDS. Many more patients are harmed.”

These numbers are staggering and frightening to see.

So what happened to the Modesto woman? After being reassured she would be fine, the mistaken patient began to have symptoms of heart disease. After seeking the advice of another doctor, a second heart surgery was in order. As expected, the woman sought legal help for the recovery of damages and is waiting for the case to go to trial.

If you are ever injured through the negligence of a hospital or doctor, do not hesitate to get legal help and advice immediately. It is of dire importance that you know the responsibility owed by the hospital as well as your rights as a patient. At the Law Offices of Moseley Collins we hate to see anyone go through so much pain and anguish. If you have been hurt and need help, we are always here to assist you. Please never hesitate to call.

Have a beautiful and safe day…

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