Medical Malpractice in Grass Valley: It Happens

On Tuesday, Stephen Sheldon received notification that his medical license was suspended by the Nevada Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Sheldon practiced medicine in Grass Valley, a small community east of Sacramento, California.

He was convicted on fraud charges last month. He had been accused of endangering patients by injecting them with fake Botox.

Sheldon has been the target of several Healthline 3 investigative stories. His wife, who handled business affairs, was also convicted. For more information: see NEWS 3 KVBC news article (, December 2, 2008.

Yes, unfortunately medical malpractice does happen and it is not always happening to the other guy. In this case, it seems that money took priority over health.

Here’s another example: “She put these women’s lives in serious danger”. Jury selection is set in Los Angeles for a woman accused of posing as a doctor and performing illegal abortions (more charges are also pending in San Diego).

Jury selection is scheduled to begin in Los Angeles on December 1 in the trial of Bertha Bugarin, longtime operator of Clinica Medica para la Mujer de Hoy, a chain of Southern California abortion clinics with the same or a similar name that for years targeted poor Hispanic women in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties. Bugarin is charged with 18 felony counts of performing abortions without a medical license. If convicted, she faces more than 15 years in prison.

Bugarin, 48, of Granada Hills, also faces 10 felony counts and one misdemeanor charge in San Diego County for similar offenses. She had a hearing in that case earlier this month, and is scheduled for trial in San Diego sometime in 2009.

See the California Catholic Daily news article (, November 25, 2008.

Unlike the above two examples of criminal behavior, most medical malpractice cases involve simply careless conduct by doctors and hospitals causing injury to their patients.

Doctors who carelessly commit medical malpractice do not end up in a criminal court. If the victims of these careless doctors find a good lawyer, these careless doctors and hospitals can be sued in a civil court and forced to pay money for the damage they have done to their victims. This can provide a feeling of justice for those who have been injured.

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