What is Medical Malpractice?

“Medical malpractice is professional negligence by act or omission by a health care provider in which care provided deviates from accepted standards of practice in the medical community and causes injury to the patient.” That is one definition (Wikipedia) of medical malpractice.

Here at the Law Office of Moseley Collins (Sacramento, California), we see and understand the personal suffering caused by medical malpractice.

We see the results of medical malpractice in the victims of medical malpractice. We see the victim’s suffering and the often overlooked victim’s family and the suffering of the victims loved ones.

When it comes to medicine, there are no guarantees but people place their trust and faith in the hands of their doctor. They are not asking for guarantees but they are asking for their doctor to do the best job possible and to use tried and true techniques. They are asking their doctor to treat them just as carefully as they (the doctor) themselves would like to be treated.

And thankfully, most of the time, doctors do treat their patients with the same care as they would expect to be treated themselves. But this does not always happen. And when it does not happen, the results are tragic.

Mistakes do happen and sometimes they could have and should have been prevented.

Some doctors are overworked, or unskilled, or have insufficient resources.

Sometimes there is just a blatant disregard for observing and following proven procedures. Shortcuts, rushed schedules, distractions or maybe just plain lack of skills also play a role in causing medical malpractice accidents.

At the Law Office of Moseley Collins, located in Sacramento, California, and serving all of Northern California, we know what the definition of medical malpractice means to the wronged patient. We know our way through the confusing world of medical terminology, medical charges and medical malpractice.

We believe that you have the right to an experienced attorney who will fight for the compensation you deserve. Call us at 916.444.4444 if we can be of help to you. There is never a fee until we win your case.

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