Real Case: Man Rear Ended on Highway 50 in Sacramento

The following is an actual case fought and settled by Attorney Moseley Collins. It involved a man who was rear-ended on Highway 50 in Sacramento, CA. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the involved parties.

Robert Brown was a healthy 38 year old man. He was an athletic man who, when not working at his full time job, enjoyed many outdoor activities, such as basketball, fishing, hiking, and camping. He had never had pain issues with his back or neck. Unfortunately for Mr. Brown, that was about to change.

On April 18, 2007, Mr. Brown was driving his car on Highway 50 near Sacramento. As the traffic ahead of him slowed, Mr. Brown slowed down as well to avoid hitting them. Another driver a few cars behind him, however, was not so cautious.

Ms. Josephine Austin was also driving on Highway 50 on April 18, 2007, at the same time as Mr. Brown. As the cars slowed ahead of her, unlike Mr. Brown, Ms. Austin did not slow down. She crashed into the car in front of her, which crashed into the car in front it, and on and on until the result was a five car pile up. Mr. Brown was in one of those five cars.

Mr. Brown’s car was totaled in the collision. He was taken by ambulance from the scene to the hospital.

Mr. Brown suffered from muscle spasms and low back pain after the accident. He spent a considerable amount of time and money seeking medical help from doctors and specialists. The pain was so severe that he considered surgery.

Of course, with this amount of pain and injury, Mr. Brown was not able to operate at his pre-accident level. Mr. Brown’s doctors restricted him from full time work for six months. The new schedule cut his salary in half!

When Mr. Brown called our office, The Law Office of Moseley Collins, he was in pain and suffering financially. He was anxious about the future, how he would pay his bills, and feeling like a defeated man. Moseley took on his case immediately.

Attorney Moseley Collins fought for Mr. Brown. Within one year, Mr. Brown had treated with some of the best doctors in Sacramento, and received over $25,000 in compensation from Ms. Austin’s insurance company. With this settlement, Mr. Brown was able to pay his bills, receive the medical treatment he needed, and reimburse himself for his salary loss. He even had some left over to use however he wished. Mr. Brown was grateful and relieved.

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