Sacramento Woman Dies At Amusement Park, Part 1 of 10

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the participants in this wrongful death/personal injury case and its proceedings.)

Plaintiff’s Opposition to Defendants’ Demurrer to Plaintiff’s Second Amended Complaint

This is an action for damages arising out of the injury to, and subsequent wrongful death of, Claudia Demers. On June 25, 2000, Ms. Demers, a young Sacramento woman on her honeymoon, rode the Dinosaur Attraction at Universal Theme Park. As a result of the unsafe and violent nature of the ride, she suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage and hydrocephalus that required extensive hospitalization and multiple brain surgeries. She died of these injuries after incurring over $1 million in medical expenses.

The Complaint in this action was originally filed on September 25, 2001. Defendants thereafter filed a Notice of Removal of this action to federal court. That removal was untimely and ultimately a stipulation to remand the matter back to state court as signed by the Defendants and the Plaintiff, and Defendants paid to Plaintiff’s counsel attorneys fees and costs in the amount of $2,850.00 for the untimely removal.

Plaintiff filed a First Amended Complaint for damages on or about January 30, 2002. Defendants filed a Demurrer June 7, 2002. The Court granted part of the demurrer allowing Plaintiff ten days for leave to amend the Complaint. Plaintiff filed a Second Amended Complaint on September 3, 2002.

Defendants filed another demurrer alleging that despite Civil Code §2100 and §2101, and the cases interpreting those Code sections, they cannot be held liable under common carrier law.

Defendants fail to offer new authority supporting their position, nor have they attempted to show how legislative intent supports their position. This opposition will shed some new light demonstrating that new case authority and legislative intent favor Plaintiff’s position that common carrier liability can be alleged against the operators of the Dinosaur Attraction. (See Part 2 of 10.)

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