Preparing For a Personal Injury Case

It’s no secret that the accident victim and the insurance adjuster are on the opposite sides of the fence. Insurance claims adjusters are schooled in all kinds of tactics to make sure they give the victim the least amount of money for their accident claim as possible. The victim, of course, has another mindset. They have medical bills, rehabilitation costs, a loss of income and many other factors to consider. They aim to get the most money possible for their claim.

Despite being on opposite sides of the agenda, insurance adjusters can be charming. It is easy to listen to their advice and assume they are telling you what is in your best interest. Not a wise decision. Preparing for the case and negotiation is the best practice.

To prepare for a personal injury case in California there are a series of questions that must be answered successfully. Is the evidence strong? How are other cases similar to this one solved? What is the goal of the claim? What is the least you will accept? What are the alternatives?

Each of the above questions must be researched and answered before a personal injury case can move forward. The most important issue to have in place is the evidence. There must be positive proof that the injury occurred and the responsible party is clear.

The evidence includes witnesses, medical reports, police reports, photos, and any documentation of the accident. Documentation could be medical bills and expenses tied to the accident. Evidence must unequivocally point to a negligent party in the accident and that the injury is real. The strength of the entire claim lies with the evidence.

The next step is to retain the services of a competent personal injury attorney. Going it alone is not recommended. The intricacies of personal injury cases are confusing and stressful. Only someone thoroughly schooled in personal injury law can successfully navigate the legal process. A lawyer such as Moseley Collins can use his years of experience in the courtroom to make sure you get the settlement you are entitled too.

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