Product Recall: Aqua Dots Metabolize Into Dangerous Drug

There has been a world-wide recall of a toy called Aqua Dots. It is always frightening to find a toy recalled because of defects or a choking hazard, anything that may bring harm and injury to our children immediately send parents racing around the house, removing the invading toy threat. The recall of Aqua Dots is especially terrifying as researchers have found that the coating on the colorful toy beads, when ingested, metabolize into gamma hydroxy butyrate, better known as the date rape drug.

So far, at least two children in the United States and four in Australia have been hospitalized after swallowing the toy beads. One 20 month old boy, from Arkansas, starting stumbling around, throwing up and eventually passed out, after swallowing Aqua Dots. After several hours in the hospital he was released. The date rape chemical components are dangerous even to adults. According to an article by Find Law, the date rape drug “can induce unconsciousness, seizures, drowsiness, coma and death”.

According to reports, Aqua Dots were planned to be produced using a non-toxic chemical that can be found in glue, but would up being made with a toxic chemical called 1,4-butanediol. This chemical was declared a Class I health hazard in 1999 by the Food and Drug Administration, indicating it can cause life-threatening harm.

Product recalls are a serious issue. If a product causes injury to a person because of a design defect, manufacturing defect, or a failure to warn, liability will fall into the hands of the person or company responsible for that product. Manufactures, supplier, distributors, and retailers all have the responsibility in putting a safe and danger-free product into the market. Liability for a dangerous product can come in several different forms, including negligence, strict liability, and breach of warranty.

If you or someone you love have ever been seriously injured because a product did not live up to this standard of safety, you should contact a lawyer who can lead you in the right direction. Please give me a call at the Law Offices of Moseley Collins, I am here to help.

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