Southern California Wrongful Death

In Southern California, a lawsuit is being brought against Los Angeles County for the death of a 43-year old woman. The personal injury case seeks $45 million, claiming negligence, wrongful death, and medical malpractice against the county-staffed Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital.

According to reports, the woman, Edith Rodriguez, was at the Los Angeles hospital’s emergency room, withering in pain for 45 minutes. During this time she was screaming for help and vomiting blood, but was refused to be seen. Instead, she was discharged and placed on a bench located outside of the hospital. County officers brought her back inside to try and get help, but Edith was again not seen.

Edith eventually became unresponsive and was, at last, taken into be seen. Sadly, this step was too late. Edith died in the emergency room from a perforated bowel. The hospital has since been downsized since this incidence as it was found not to meet Federal health standards.

Unfortunately, horrible situations like the one above do occur. Wrongful death arises when someone unintentionally causes another person to die, because of their own negligence or misconduct. It is a horrible situation to lose someone who could have lived if another person had acted accordingly. If someone you love died because of another person’s negligence, please call me at the Law Offices of Moseley Collins.


Don’t Let Your Statute Of Limitations Run Out

In California, the law imposes a statute of limitations, which sets a maximum amount of time that legal proceedings can occur after the date the incident. Each year at our Law Office, people call me to ask me for help that have legitimate cases, only to find their statute of limitations has run out. It is one of the most difficult things for me to tell them I can’t help because they waited too long.


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