Sacramento Dog Bite Brings Lawsuit For Woman and Child, Part 2 of 2

The following blog entry is written to illustrate an example of an injury case. Reviewing this kind of lawsuit should help potential plaintiffs and clients better understand how parties in personal injury cases present such issues to the court.

(Please also note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the participants in this dog bite lawsuit and its proceedings.)

Callox claimed that she will continue to need two filler injections annually for the next 10 years. She claimed that she has some residual scarring, but that it is only visible at close range.

Callox claimed she went through a lot of excruciating pain during the time of her surgeries, but that she now deals with only numbness and minimal discomfort. She said that she planned on returning to work as an actress, which was delayed as a result of the injury.

She asked the jury for $70,000 in damages for past medical costs and $6,000 annually for future medical costs for the filler injections. She also sought $900,000 for past pain and suffering and $150,000 for future pain and suffering.

Ramsey claimed emotional distress damages in regard to witnessing her mother get bitten by the dog. Her parents claimed she developed odd behavior and they sought out a psychologist two years after the incident.

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Timothy’s insurance company settled his case with Ramsey for $25,000 during trial.

Timothy conceded that all five surgeries were necessary, but disputed the costs, claiming Callox’s past medical damages should be a third of what she claimed. The defendant further contended that Callox’s laser treatment and filler injections, both past and future, were unnecessary. He also claimed that Callox’s pain and suffering damages were worth approximately $150,000, since Callox made a good recovery and looked phenomenal at trial.

RESULT: Verdict-Plaintiff
Award Total: $750,000

The jury found Timothy 85 percent at fault for the incident and Callox 15 percent at fault. Callox was awarded $750,000 in damages, which was reduced by 15 percent to $650,000. The award was reduced by another $40,000, since Timothy was entitled to a credit for previously paying said amount for Callox’s medical bills prior to trial.

Since Callox was entitled to costs and interest as a result of her statutory offer, Timothy agreed to settle the case for $675,000 before judgment was entered.

For more information you are welcome to contact Sacramento personal injury lawyer, Moseley Collins.

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