Sacramento Family Facing Huge Bills Due To Car Accident, Part 3 of 4

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the participants in this brain injury/automobile accident case and its proceedings.)

Past Medical Expenses:

Sacramento City Fire Department $ 692.00
Childrens Hospital Sacramento $ 114,946.00
A. Cooper, M.D. $ 72.76
Sacramento County CCS $ 1,643.25
Freddie Segal $ 686.79
University Children’s Medical Group $ 16,566.67

Future Special Damages:

As can be seen from the Life Care plan, Alexa has a myriad of future care needs. The costs of such future care total approximately 10.9 million dollars to 11.7 million dollars. Additionally, Alexa will suffer 1 million dollars to 1.3 million dollars in lost earning capacity depending on her educational level.

Amanda April

Amanda was sitting in the rear driver’s side of the car. Amanda also suffered a traumatic brain injury and was diagnosed with a right transverse temporal skull fracture. She sustained loss of consciousness and amnesia. Amanda’s mental status deteriorated upon arrival via helicopter to CHS, where she was intubated. She exhibited altered mental status while at the hospital. Amanda was also diagnosed with a right clavicular fracture and a right 7th rib fracture. She was noted to have right ear hearing loss and had blood in her right ear canal.

Amanda has been diagnosed with global learning disability, language communication delay, attention deficit disorder, gross and fine motor skills disability, chronic intermittent cephalgia, and multiple additional neurocognitive deficits. (See Part 4 of 4.)

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