Sacramento Family Sues For Egregious Neglect Of Elderly Parent, Part 6 of 10

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the participants in this elder abuse and personal injury case and its proceedings.)

Paragraph 24 sets out allegations of further egregious neglect by defendant Universal. It is alleged that, by March 27, 2008, the defendant knew that Mr. White was suffering from a constellation of severe medical problems, substantially caused by defendants’ own neglect. These included a severe bowel impaction which resulted in frequent episodes of liquid feces soaking his bed and a Stage IV pressure ulcer which required frequent dressing changes and assessment and which was difficult to keep dry because of the effects of the impaction. Mr. White required repositioning every two hours because of the presence of the ulcer, frequent diaper and linen changes and nutritional and hydration support, all of these made more problematic by his weakness and orthopedic injury.

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Paragraph 24 also alleges that Universal knew that Mr.White required consistent skilled care for these conditions and that he could not be adequately cared for at home with these conditions, particularly since the care giver at home would be his wife, then aged 75 years, with no medical training. It is alleged that Universal had a duty to Mr. White to assure that he continued to receive proper skilled care, but that Universal, with reckless indifference, planned for and encouraged Mr. White to be discharged to his home, where Universal knew he would not receive the care he needed. When Mr. White was discharged home to be cared for by his wife, the foreseeable outcome occurred: his condition deteriorated, causing him unnecessary pain and physical and emotional distress.

The First Cause of Action contains other charging allegations in its sixteen paragraphs, including violations of non-delegable duties and statutes. However, the foregoing summary of factual allegations makes it abundantly clear that plaintiffs have pleaded more than adequately facts supporting a claim under the Elder Abuse statutes. (See Part 7 of 10.)

For more information you are welcome to contact Sacramento personal injury lawyer, Moseley Collins.

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