Sacramento Injury Case Results After the Dog Bite Scars Woman and Child, Part 1 of 2

The following blog entry is written to illustrate an example of an injury case. Reviewing this kind of lawsuit should help potential plaintiffs and clients better understand how parties in personal injury cases present such issues to the court.

(Please also note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the participants in this big rig accident lawsuit and its proceedings.)

INJURIES: Callox was taken directly to a plastic surgeon from the school, where she underwent the first of five reconstructive surgeries to her chin. She underwent an initial flap procedure to stretch the skin from her neck over the area of her chin where she was bitten. She underwent four revisions of the original surgery, and now receives two filler injections a year to even out the appearance of her chin. She has also undergone laser procedures to neutralize the skin tone of her chin.


In the afternoon in March 2005, plaintiff Kim Callox, 50, a bookkeeper, was picking up her daughter, plaintiff Ramsey Callox, 5, from her preschool in Sacramento, CA. Callox saw her friend Mr. Timothy seated in the rear hatchback of his truck, also waiting for his child, and went over to say hello. When Callox leaned over to hug Timothy, his dog, a German shorthair pointer, bit Callox on the chin and chewed off a portion of the skin and flesh. Ramsey witnessed the incident.

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The plaintiffs sued Timothy. Callox brought a cause of action under the California’s Dog Bite Statute, for strict liability on the part of Timothy. She claimed Timothy was negligent for failing to adequately control his dog, by not having it leashed in front of several people outside the school. Ramsey brought a bystander claim.

Timothy contended that Callox was comparatively negligent for putting her face between him and his dog, putting herself at risk. He claimed that Callox was familiar with the dog and not apprehensive, and even said immediately after the incident, “It was my fault.” Callox did not dispute saying this at trial.

For more information you are welcome to contact Sacramento personal injury lawyer, Moseley Collins.

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