Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Leaves Plastic Surgeon with Extensive Injuries

The following blog entry is written to illustrate an example of an injury case. Reviewing this kind of lawsuit should help potential plaintiffs and clients better understand how parties in personal injury cases present such issues to the court.

(Please also note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the participants in this motorcycle accident lawsuit and its proceedings.)


According to court records: On September 15, 2008, at the intersection just north of Interstate 5 and Highway 99 in Sacramento, California, plaintiff Barry Remmy and defendant Matt Oliver were involved in a car versus motorcycle accident.

Defendant was traveling the wrong way on the one-way roadway when he met plaintiff in a curve. Plaintiff made a quick turn on his motorcycle to avoid defendant’s vehicle, and the motorcycle slid out from under him.

Plaintiff was a plastic surgeon.

Defendant admitted liability but disputed the claim for lost earnings. Defendant also contended plaintiff was involved in a second motorcycle accident approximately six weeks after the first in which he fell 20 to 30 feet off a cliff and was found unconscious. Defendant claimed many of plaintiff’s injuries could be attributed to that accident.

According to court records:

Clavicle fracture; fractured ribs; pain; sleep deprivation.

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According to court records:

$106,935 past medical; $200,000 loss of earnings.

Verdict/Judgment: Plaintiff
Verdict/Judgment Amount: $190,000

$57,000 past lost earnings; $35,000 future medical expenses; $76,000 future lost earnings and earning capacity; $22,000 past non-economic loss. The court added $10,565 in costs to the award.

Trial Type: Jury
Deliberations: Not reported.

Jury Poll: Not reported.

For more information you are welcome to contact Sacramento personal injury lawyer, Moseley Collins.

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