Sacramento Woman Hit By Drunk Driver Suffers Brain Damage, Part 6 of 10

(Please note: the names and locations of all parties have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the proceedings.)
Eric Van Ostrand, M.D. Dr. Van Ostrand is a physician and a board-certified neurologist.He was retained by plaintiff. Dr. Van Ostrand’s report sets forth [plaintiff’s] diagnosis as follows:
a. Severe traumatic brain injury based upon clinical history and radiographic findings, sustained 04/28/07.
b. Mood instability, irritability causally related to traumatic brain injury.
c. Impaired short-term recall, causally related to the subject accident.
d. Impaired fine motor control and overall agility, causally related to traumatic brain injury.
e. Central nervous system radiographic findings documenting traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, multiple cerebral contusions and diffuse axonal injury.
f. Impaired right-sided hearing, causally related to subject accident based upon temporal relationship. Multiple potential etiologies. Further comment deferred to ENT specialist.

g. Possible early post-traumatic seizure. Abnormal EEG suggesting increased risk of epilepsy.

In his report Dr. Van Ostrand addresses the question of whether plaintiff can expect future significant improvements from his traumatic brain injury. He states:
“One generally sees maximum medical improvement within one year following a traumatic brain injury. The day of my examination was 07/07/07, approximately 14 months and one week following the subject accident. Although some clinical improvement may yet occur in terms of the above- described physical and neurological impairments, it is medically more probable than not that the majority of plaintiff’s expected neurological improvements have already taken place. It is medically more probable than

not that the impairments listed above will continue to affect Ms. White on a life-long basis.” (See part 7 of 10.)

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