Sacramento-area Young Man Suffers Brain Injury In Car Accident, Part 3 of 8

On 01/06/01, Plaintiff sustained a severe closed-head injury with prolonged loss of consciousness. Intubation in the field was required. A CT scan of the brain revealed multiple punctuate hemorrhages in the right temporal, right occipital, and left temporal frontal areas, all of less than 1 cm in size.

Regarding Plaintiff’s future levels of personal achievement during the remainder of his life, it is probable that he will not achieve the levels of success and achievement he would have absent the brain injury of January 6, 2001.

It is probable that education past the high school level will be more difficult for Plaintiff as a result of his brain damage. As a result, it is likely that Plaintiff will eventually settle for a comparatively reduced post-high school level of educational achievement and training.

It is probable that Plaintiff’s future earning potential during the remainder of his life will be significantly reduced as a result of his cognitive impairments, as compared to his future earning potential absent those impairments. He will not perform as well on the job; he will have reduced abilities. Plaintiff will likely appear apathetic to others, and he will perform less well with co-workers and bosses than he would have absent the brain injury.

It is probable that as a result of his closed-head injury, Plaintiff will experience increased difficulty as a husband and father. In the same light, it is likely he will experience increased frustration and less success in the workplace Because of these difficulties in his personal and work life, he is likely to suffer psychologically.”

His family has noticed significant negative personality changes. He is irritable, quick to anger, and very difficult to deal with. Consequently, he has alienated most of the friends he had prior to the collision. Plaintiff has been unsuccessful in all his attempts to return to employment.

(See Part 4 of 8.)

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