Sexual Harassment In California — How To Handle It

The act of sexual harassment should not be taken lightly. Instead, one should take immediate steps in order to nip the bad behavior in the bud. This means this type of harassment can be very damaging to the reputation of a company or institute. That is why it is considered a serious topic. Aside from reputation loss, harassment can also reduce the productivity of your employees. In some cases, you will have to face lawsuits in order to settle the matter. Lawsuits cause even more damage to the public image of your organization. So, it is recommended for you to take preventive measures to avoid all the hazards that occur after the harassment.

Training is one of the most effective things to prevent this problem. This type of training causes discomfort to most employers. Employers commonly do not want to discuss this topic. Giving training requires them to bear the serious of topic in mind in combination with bearing the discomfort caused by the subject.

You need to set a date for training. Once you have set the date, your next step is to send an invitation explaining things that are going to be covered in the training. It is your responsibility to let the employees know particulars of the training. Aside from these, you should send survey forums in order to fill before taking training. The nature of the survey should be synonymous in order to take true answers. You can easily find these kinds of surveys in almost any harassment-training program.

In order to make training more effective, you can use a training video, which is 15-20 minutes in duration. In the videos, a legal expert should discuss the destruction of harassment. He should also discuss the legal aspect of this evil. Your employees will be more likely to discuss and share the video. Moreover, these training packages, for the most part, come with an already prepared agenda, reducing the time needed to get ready for the session.

While providing training, you should take the matter seriously. Some employees will try to tell jokes in order to ruin the training session. Do not fly off the handle, be firm and do not laugh at their jokes. If you are serious about nipping this bad behavior in the bud, your employees will also help you do this. So, make your employees realize that it is a very important topic to discuss.

When the training session will end, the employees should sign the document that they have been given training. The document will be a proof that they understand the training and agree to it. Also, that they know the consequences of sexual harassment in the workplace.

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