Sexual Harassment In Schools — Teenage Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual harassment is a topic that has been discussed in the media many times to date. However, it is important to note that sexual harassment does not take place is the workplace only. Such incidents happen in schools as well.

Nowadays, sexual harassment in schools has become a serious problem. This problem can only be resolved by discipline and education. The learning of students should be not be affected due to such incidents. Sexual harassment imparts a bad impact on the social development of students. Girls, for the most part, are the victims of sexual harassment. However, boys can also become victims of this thing. The administration of the school, teachers, students as well as parents should play a role in preventing sexual harassment in schools.

The environment of a school can become hostile if nothing is done in order to prevent sexual harassment. The victim finds it difficult to carry out his routine tasks because of sexual behaviors of the sexual harasser. As a result, the students are unable to concentrate on their studies and mark low scores. Therefore, eliminating sexual harassment from schools is of paramount importance.

Sexual harassment in schools includes acts, such as catcalls, whistling, sexual gossip, body comments, graffiti, repeated requests for date, pinching, spanking and so on. Sexual harassment against boys includes passing sexual comments and removal of shorts or pants in public. Such acts upset the girls and boys mentally. At times, girls try to commit suicide when they are unable to tolerate the harassment. In such cases, sexual harassment becomes utterly dangerous.

These behaviors are not acceptable and students should be guided to prevent them in schools. Moreover, the administration should formulate a policy against sexual harassment. After the creation of policy, it should be shared with the students and their parents. The rules against such behaviors should be stringent. The policy should list all types of acceptable behaviors as well so that the confusions should be removed from the minds of students.

Such education should start in elementary school. Such behaviors usually start with kids before their going to middle school and keep developing even when they attend high school. If teachers start educating students in high school, sexual harassment can be reduced significantly. As students get older, they will get rid of such behaviors. Teachers should encourage parents to sign the policy against harassment. In this way, parents will also educate their children to stay away from such bad behaviors.

Sexual harassment problems in schools cannot be ignored. In schools, the environment should be free of all types of harassment so that students can focus on their studies. If the school environment is harassment-free, students as well as teachers can concentrate their effort towards studies.

Therefore, elimination of sexual harassment from schools and every institution is a must. Therefore, necessary steps should be taken in order to remedy such behaviors and create a peaceful working environment for everyone in the education institutes.

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