Workplace Safety — Slip and Fall

A common accident in a workplace is one that involves a slip and fall. An aged person who slips and falls could break their wrist, hip or elbow. In some cases, they can even crack their head aside from cuts and bruises. If the condition of the patient is serious, they can be admitted to a hospital where doctors conduct different tests and x-rays in order to find out which parts of their body are injured. These things can cost up to $30,000. So, what you can you do to avoid workplace accidents and ensure safety?

You can implement a number of techniques in order to prevent slip and falls in the workplace. Non-skid flooring can prove helpful. It is not just your employees and workers you need to worry about. You need to think about the customers and vendors as well. If the back door of your office is too heavy and there is too much slope for the hand-driven trucks your vendors use to carry the merchandise into the office, it can cause them to slip and fall. Moreover, employees that use ladders in your stock room or try to carry heavy things while climbing the ladders may also suffer from a slip and fall accident.

When it comes to slip and falls in the workplace, you will need to deal with fake falls as well. Many employees try to get out of work with the help of “Fake falls”. For this purpose, that employee gets in touch with their lawyer who then refers them to their chiropractor friends to render the employee disabled. Then they file a lawsuit before you come to know about the whole matter. Then they hope to make settlement with your insurance company without taking the matter to the court. Some insurance providers try to get out of it.

Fake falls are not associated with employees only, there is a whole group of odd people who slip on sidewalks or trip on doorways and happened to have a friend of them catch it on their smartphone. Their lawyer can present this video as a solid proof against you in the court.

Moreover, the insurance provider defending you will try to settle the case out of court. So, the insurance company will have to pay compensation to that employee. As a result, your liability insurance will go up the next year. So, what is the solutions to these problems? Can you do something to avoid or resolve these things? They say that prevention is better than cure. The same goes for slip and fall lawsuits as well.

To avoid such lawsuits and other troubles, you should install warning signs where there is, for example, uneven concrete. You can install signboard with “Watch your steps” written on them. Aside from these, you can do many things in order to prevent accidents and lawsuits, but these are some simple solutions.

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