Why Slip And Fall Accidents Dangerous

Most people have a slip and fall accident at least once in their lifetime. Usually, they do not take it seriously and get back to their work as usual. At times, they receive minor injuries and try to be more careful next time while walking. However, some slip and fall accidents are complicated and cause serious problems. At times, the victim can lose their life as a result of a fall. This happens when they receive serious injuries and doctors fail to treat those injuries.

Some slip and fall accidents occur when a person is trying to climb up a stair. If an individual falls off a high stair, they are likely to receive severe injuries. There are many types of slip and fall injuries and the description of such injuries is as follows:

Brain Injury Or Head Trauma

You may receive head injuries if you lose balance and fall off a stair. In such cases, head injury may be a cracked skull or a small bump. Our brain is surrounded by a certain type of liquid that protects our brain in case it hits a hard surface. However, it may not prevent damage to your brain if you fall down the stairs from a high height. Brain injuries may be minor like a concussion.

Normally, this type of injury does not cause a lasting injury. On the other hand, in a serious head injury, a broken blood vessel in your brain may cause bleeding and can damage the brain. As a result, the patient may suffer from mental disability.

Spinal Damage

Another type of slip and fall accident can damage your spine. For example, if you fall down the stairs and hit your back hard on the stair treads, you will likely cause damage to your spine. The injury can be either temporary or permanent. Depending on the area of the spine you hit on the stair treads, you may be paralyzed from the neck down or from the waist down. This type of damage is catastrophic since it changes the way you are going to live the rest of your life. If you fall off a very high stair, you may break your neck.

Broken Bones

Every day, many people break their bones in accidents. A broken bone may create many problems for you when you are working and supporting your family. Will you be able to meet your day-to-day expenses? Obviously, you will be facing a lot of problems.

Slip and fall accidents can contribute to a host of dangerous injuries. Some are more damaging than others. The accidents may also be caused by another person. If you have suffered from a slip and fall accident due to the negligence of another individual, you can file a case against them to recover compensation for the injuries you have received. So, do some research and choose a competent slip and fall attorney to file a case against the responsible party and recover a reasonable amount of compensation.

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