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Slip, trip and… fall. As a lawyer in Sacramento, I have seen many slip and fall accidents that have resulted in serious injury. I am sure that you also have heard the term “slip and fall” before or know someone that has been injured in an accident such as this. But what does a slip and fall case entail? What does it mean, according to the law? And how can you prepare yourself if it ever happens to you or one of yours?

First of all, let’s start with defining a “slip and fall” case. A slip and fall case usually falls into a category called premise liability. This means that someone is injured on another person’s property and because that person owns or maintains such property, that person may be held liable or accountable for damages. So, there are circumstances that must be in place for it to classify as material for legal action.

Slip and fall cases come in many different forms. It can be a bit tricky. The cause could be an open pothole in the ground, a slippery floor, a broken sidewalk, and so on. In all these situations, there poses a dangerous situation that has the potential to cause injury or damages. When someone is actually injured on a slippery floor, for example, there remains the necessity of proving fault to the person/company responsible for the floor. In my next blog post, I will continue to discuss slip and fall injury cases and what is needed to prove fault.

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