Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Writes of His Second Chance to Live

As I search through online information regarding brain injuries and traumas, I often find myself coming across a blog called “Second Chance to Live”. As a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer and being the person called immediately after someone is involved in an accident, it is more common for me to hear about the initial stages of someone dealing with a brain injury rather than the later stages. Many times, in the later stages, the injured person will find a new sense of hope and destiny to their life.

The blog is written by a man who, in the summer of 1967, was in a terrible car accident. As a result of the accident, he sustained an open skull fracture and was put in a coma for three weeks. His right frontal lobe, where we carry out executive decisions, was injured as well as having an impact to his brain stem. From here, he began a slow process of rehabilitating himself and was able to receive a graduate degree. His blog now talks about his life, his struggles, his joys, and what he sees as a second chance to live.

It’s quite inspiring. I find a renewed sense of hope as I read through his letters. I would like to invite anyone that has suffered from a traumatic brain injury or know someone that has to read this blog. I believe that it gives a good understanding to what a brain injury entails, emotionally and physically, for the person suffering from it.

To read the blog, please follow the link: Second Chance to Live



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