Simi Valley Sued Over Car Crash

I read an article in the news today in which the family of a girl killed in a car accident south of Sacramento is suing the city of Simi Valley, CA. The victim of the crash, Cynthia Scott, was traveling in the passenger seat with her boyfriend in October of 2005. Driving at high speeds, Cynthia’s boyfriend eventually lost control of the car and wound up smashing into a 3,500 lb. concrete block that was placed six feet from the side of the road.

The article continues on to state that Cynthia’s family is suing the city over the close proximity of these concrete blocks to the edge of the road and the matter should proceed to court. It is unclear on whether the case is strong enough to get Cynthia’s family the compensation they claim, however by pushing the matter before a judge it seems they have obtained at least one goal. Starting a public debate on the subject.

One of the most interesting points that I found in this case, is the fact that California State roads require about 30 feet of clear space next to roadways. The road of Cynthia’s crash was a city street, however, and therefore governed by city rules. In my opinion, however, thirty feet to six feet is a big difference when a car veers off the road in a dangerous situation. It’s now up to the court to reach its own decision.

The case was filed in April and is seeking at least $5 million for Cynthia’s death. We will see how it develops.

It’s never easy to think of these things when in face of a tragedy. If you or a loved one has been injured in a traumatic car crash, please call us at the Law Offices of Moseley Collins. We are here to help. We will know what to do.

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