Southern California Construction Company Blamed for Slip and Fall Accident

There is an ongoing slip and fall lawsuit south of our Sacramento home in Orange County, California. The lawsuit was brought by Brenda Richardson after she slipped and fell on a patch of mud at an elderly apartment complex called Heritage Center. Brenda is seeking reimbursement from a construction company called Michael Moore Renovation and Restoration, and claims that they were negligent in failing to “provide adequate signs” to warn pedestrians that they could slip in the mud.

In addition to Brenda’s fall, another resident, Celestine Morris, also claims that she fell because of the mud in the same year. The fall left her with a broken arm and the consequent medical expenses. She is not yet sure if she will also advance with a legal action.

The Moore construction company states that it is “not in any way guilty” and places the blame back onto Brenda and the apartment complex. Moore believes that Brenda was not cautious enough when walking on the sidewalk and Heritage Center did not keep the apartment complex in a safe condition. They decline any responsibility on the matter.

Regardless of that, a legal action will take place to determine if Brenda is right or not. The Moore construction company will be given the possibility to defend themselves in a court of law. A reconstruction of the events will take place and the jury will reach a decision based on facts and evidence.

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Remember, stay out of the mud…
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