Spinal Cord Injury Expenses by Age: Info for You and Your Lawyer

Today I would like to talk to you a little about spinal cord injury and the lifetime costs that can derive from it.

When someone is a victim of an accident and subsequently suffers from spinal cord injury, the average lifetime costs associated with the injury will vary substantially according to the person’s age.

To get a clearer understanding of the costs associated with this type of injury, I have included a list that shows the average lifetime cost for varying degrees of spinal cord injury. The first number indicates the average cost for a 25-year-old person. The second number indicates the average cost for a 50-year-old person.

Please take note that these averages do not include any indirect costs, such as wages.

Estimated lifetime costs by Age at Injury:

— High Tetraplegia (C1-C4): $2,924,513 (25 yo), $1,721,677 (50 yo)

— Low Tetraplegia (C5-C8): $1,653,607 (25 yo), $1,047,189 (50 yo)

— Paraplegia: $977,142 (25 yo), $666,473 (50 yo)

—Incomplete Motor Functional at any Level: $651,827 (25 yo), $472,392 (50 yo)

The financial aspect is just one of the downsides of this condition. It can be a heavy burden on the emotional health of a family and it can have serious repercussions on the stability of a home. As in most situations, better to be safe than sorry and information can be your best friend.

Spinal cord injury is a serious life-changing condition. In most cases, it requires individuals to depend on others for the rest of their lives. It’s important to plan well financially so you can assure all needs can be covered.

The purpose of this info is to better inform you if you plan to take legal action based on this condition. Please call us at the Law Offices of Moseley Collins if you have been injured and suffered a spinal cord injury. We are here to help.


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