Teen Car Crash Near Sacramento, CA

A country road tends to give people the feeling of safety at high speeds, especially if those people are teenagers. In many cases, that feeling sadly turns to be false. A car crash near our Sacramento home in Fresno, California put 2 teenagers in critical condition and one dead. My thoughts are with their families.

Police reports say that five teens were riding in a vehicle along a country road at speeds reaching up to 90 mph. Apparently, the car lost control and hit a tree, totaling the car. The two teens that are now in the hospital with critical conditions were not wearing their seatbelts and were ejected from the vehicle onto the ground. It is unknown if the fatal victim was also not wearing his seat belt or if alcohol or drugs played any part in all of it. Police says further information will be necessary before they can release any more information to the public.

Accidents such as this are so easily prevented by maintaining a safe speed and keeping seatbelts on. Talk to your own teens about the necessity of taking such measures, as it could save their life. Often, this type of prevention starts at home, and we seem to forget it.

I know the first thing I will do today when I get home is have a sit down with my daughter about this case. I am sure she will understand my side and will from now on start to have a more responsible way of driving, if she didn’t already.

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Please, slow down and buckle up…

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