Most Dangerous Sports – The Sport that Causes the Majority of Brain Injuries in Young People

As a Personal Injury Law Firm in Sacramento, California, we see a lot of brain injury cases occurring from various sources of accidents, sometimes the most unexpected ones. Sports have been the catalyst for many brain injuries in young people these days. I guess it’s understandable. Interestingly enough, the sport that causes the greatest amount of brain injury in young people is not snowboarding as you blast down the mountain or even cumbersome football players slamming into one another, but rather horseback riding. Surprised? I know I was.

In the late July issue of its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that horseback riding is the number one culprit for causing traumatic brain injury in young people, with ice skating coming in as number two. Something we should all take some moments to think about, before we sign in our kids to next year’s activities.

The CDC also stated that each year about 65% of all sports-related brain injuries occur in people ages 5 to 18. When calculating all ages into the equation, basketball comes in number one, bringing in 603,239 people a year, and bicycling heads up number two with 524,692 people a year.

Sports are surely something you don’t want your kids or even yourself to give up on. But make sure you are safe out there when you are keeping in shape. For your sake and your family’s.

Traumatic brain injury is nothing to ever take lightly. Stay aware. If you or your child have ever been in an accident and suffered from a brain injury, please call the Law Offices of Moseley Collins. We would love to speak with you and your family about your case and subsequent options.

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For more information on sports-related brain injuries, please go to the CDC website or this article.

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