Large Truck and Car Collision in Northern California

Just south of our Sacramento home, a tremendous accident occurred between a big rig and a car early this morning in Concord, California. As a lawyer in Sacramento, I know how dangerous a collision of this type can be for the parties involved and how dramatic it can turn to the respective families. I hear news like this every day, at our offices.

Reports are still scattered, but police say that the car and big rig crushed the median in the crash, spilling diesel fuel and setting the big rig’s engine on fire. The fire eventually encompassed the entire trailer.


There are no reports yet of injuries sustained by the people involved in the collision. Traffic on the site was stopped until the truck was removed out of the way and police made sure the area was safe.

It is unknown who caused the accident or if drugs or alcohol played a part in the catastrophic accident. It hasn’t been determined yet if speed was a factor, also. Only reconstruction of the crash will allow determining, experts claimed.

Accidents involving large trucks, usually referred to as big rigs, have serious implications. The mere size and weight of these trucks is so much greater than that of a normal passenger car that injuries are usually much more severe and damages of much higher amounts. Unfortunately, they happen every day throughout the country, bringing grief to many people’s lives.

Don’t disregard being precautious when you are driving. It’s often because of others that the worse accidents happen. Drive safe, be preventive. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident with a big rig, you will need advice. Please call the Law Offices of Moseley Collins for a free consultation. We know how to help you.

And drive safe. Take care.


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