Dog Attack – Southern California in Actor Rhames’ Home

Dog bites and attacks are a common thing in our home of Sacramento, California. Just see the blog I wrote on the staggering statistics of dog bites and you will understand what I mean. Dog attacks are dangerous and can cause serious injuries that need immediate medical attention and at times, can even be fatal. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the consequences a dog bite can have on your life or of those you love.

In a recent case, an actor who starred in Pulp Fiction named Ving Rhames recently traveled out the country to film a movie, leaving his caretaker of two years to watch his house and his dogs. In what appears to be a shocking discovery, the caretaker was found dead at the actor’s house with dog bites covering his body. The actor’s four dogs (reports state that they were either bullmastiffs, Brazilian mastiffs, or English mastiffs) were found roaming freely across the mansion’s yard. It was all very eerie and dramatic, according to the described.

Until now, there was no information if the cause of death was indeed caused by the dog’s attacks or if it was something else. The police are still investigating and new information will be released to the public once available.

As I stated in my previous blog, make sure to protect yourself and other people by training your dogs, neutering them, and so forth. Take adequate measures, if you plan to have a pet dog. Safeguard him and yourself. Although dogs can be amazing pets to have, we must be aware that there are dangers associated with having them. It’s always a good idea to get accurate information before you make any decision to become a dog owner.

If you or anyone you know have ever suffered from a dog attack, please call our Law Office for advice. We know what to do and we will make sure you’ll get the guidance you need.

Until next time.

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